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Monday, September 27, 2010

Leave the innocence

When those innocent faces and tender feet might have learnt walking, they never would have known that their innocence is to fade, their tenderness is to wither.
Greeted in this world with a million dreams to colour, a thousand zeniths to achieve, a hundred hopes to nurture- everything tears down in that one moment of ardour.
Filthy, degraded, a blot on family’s name, disgusting- these are the terms he uses to define himself after he goes through those 5 painful minutes.
They are tricked, they are tortured, they are raped and murdered! Their agony unempathized, their screams are not heard... their tears dry unseen!
Those dreams seem to have lost their colour now, those heights now mock, the hopes have shrivelled ... they sit and stare in despair... thinking of those days when those innocent faces and tender feet learnt walking......

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