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Monday, September 27, 2010

Exclusively For Humans!

“Write a blog, write a blog”- this thought has been hampering the very tranquillity of my mind since a couple of weeks. With the tremendous overburdening of assignments and with the constant strain to abide by the deadliness of Sep 20, this has been a claustrophobic experience! Not that I am a freak who worries about finishing my assignments all the time, it’s just September 19 being the fateful day when I was born, just don’t want to screw it!
Anyways, amidst this confusion and a wide array of ideas that crossed my mind when thinking of setting up a blog, I just couldn’t find enough time to put all of it together, so I rather decided to opt for something feasible!
Well, I have somewhat been inclined towards feministic and socialistic ventures. Being a sociology student, I have this proclivity towards redressing social issues. Can’t help the fact that all I was taught in my Bachelors was about social concerns and analysing them with all possible perspectives (psychological, Political Science oriented, Economical and of course Sociological)!!
I am sure most of us at some point of time might have experienced this gush of feelings for the want and desire to do something, to do something for others. Well, such thoughts might be frequent but it’s the execution that’s rare.   There are certain egoists and self- obsessed creatures on the planet who have nothing to do with the miseries of others, well their sole reason being born is ... well nothing! But for those who care.. this blog’s for them. These ‘humans’ are welcome to be a part of this attempt to carry out a little ‘reality check’!

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